If you are an athlete and you enjoy hiking maybe you would like to vary the routes you usually take. ViewRanger is an app especially made for hiking enthusiasts. Thanks to it they can discover new routes, share adventures and experiences with other users of the app. And even access useful content such as topographic maps. ViewRanger is a very interesting tool for lovers of outdoor activities. With it you will always have a little help and a great sports companion on your mobile device. You just have to download ViewRanger and you’ll have access to maps. Discover new routes, share your experiences and much more.

This app was considered one of the best applications in 2013. It is currently used by more than 150 search and rescue teams throughout Europe and North America. Their maps and routes are very precise and will help you to take new experiences in hiking that you can share. In this post we show you how it works, and how you can download ViewRanger.

How does ViewRanger works

ViewRanger is a complete map and navigation service and guided tours that don’t require an internet connection. Its content and ease of use makes it ideal for enthusiasts of outdoor activities. This apps includes a selection of world geographic maps, which you can download and save to be used later without connection. ViewRanger is designed for hikers and backpackers. This is for you if you are dedicated to mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding, horseback riding and off-road vehicles. Even for hot air balloon trips and ultralight airplanes

After you download ViewRanger and access it, from the main screen you can quickly access lots of different routes, created by publishers of guides, travel agencies or sports brands; as by other users and members of the community. Even yourself you can create your own guides.

A function of ViewRanger that you will find very useful is that it will let you know at all times how much time you have left until you reach the next waypoint or until the end of the route. In addition, with the help of your smartphone’s GPS, it will offer you more valuable information, such as the altitude of a specific point.

Among the most fun of ViewRanger, is that it will allow you to record your route. You can follow it on the map, add photographs, note the statistics of the journey as distance or altitude, and then share it with all your friends.

How to download ViewRanger

Download ViewRanger is very easy and thanks to this you will enjoy multiple free web tools that will help you in each stage of your adventure, so that it is easier for you to plan excursions. The download of this app is completely free, although you must buy some maps through the purchases of the application. It is available for devices with Android and iOS operating system, so you can get it in their respective stores: Google Play and App Store. At the end of this post we leave you the shortcuts so you can go right now to download ViewRanger.

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