The visual content has always been much more enriching when we want to send certain information or we want to convey a type of feeling. Download Vimage to create quality audiovisual content from your Smartphone.

Now with all the evolution of the internet and social networks the vast majority of brands and people try to share good content; since it is the one that stays more easily in the memory of others.

It has been shown that the dynamism that exists in networks, the first thing we see are photographs; and in second place is the copy that accompanies it. The reason for this is because many times people just get annoyed to read and prefer to see something that amuses them; that’s why the videos became so popular on Facebook.

Vimage is a perfect tool to create photos and videos

Vimage is an app that brings tools to convert your images into more flashy and more dynamic content. With this app we can give a cinematographic aspect to our photography. It has a series of animations that we can choose and give a fun change to that publication.

When downloading Vimage we will find an app very easy to use. We will only have to look for the image that we want to edit in the gallery; or we can take the photo at the moment without problem. Then we can make the adjustments that cause us, from editing colors, contrast, and exposure or cut our image.

After finishing this first edition we will have access to the list of animations with more than 70 effects. Many of them are related to rain, snow, clouds and fog; to play subtly with the elements of our photo.

The game of this app is in the creativity of each user. There is no correct way to use the elements we have at hand. In addition, the app will teach you how to apply these effects so you can use them and make the most of them.

Choose which element you want to highlight within your edition, play with perspectives and animations. Edit by layers and make the changes you think necessary to achieve what you have in mind.

From the app we can share directly to our social networks at the end of the edition; or simply save our file in the gallery to share it at another time without any problem.

The technique used by Vimage is called Cinemagraph. This editing trend has already been a popular time among young people to give life to their posts and highlight their unique style in the feed of others.

How to download Vimage?

To download Vimage you can go to Google Play and download it for free. Use all the tools and effects you have to convert your content into something special and enjoyable to see by your friends and family at all times. Make your posts interactive and dynamic from now on. Below we leave the link to download Vimage.

One feature that we must highlight is that when we finish our edition we will see a watermark that we can eliminate by making an extra payment within the app. Have fun using Vimage and bring your images to life.

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