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About the app

Do you need an effective, easy-to-use video editor on your Android and iOs device? Vivavideo is the answer, an awesome app that will bring you all you need. Vivavideo is one of the best video, movie or presentation editor app you can find for your iOS and Android devices. Here's what you need to know about this video editor and how to download VivaVideo.

This app allows you to record videos and edit them directly from the app. Also it has a very simple interface to use that facilitates the editing process. If you download VivaVideo you will be allowed to record everyday moments and quickly transform them into authentic professional videos. Once you've finished editing your videos, you can share them with everyone you know in one click. Become a master of editing with VivaVideo, and show your moments in a very special way.

How to download Vivavideo

Vivavideo is an app available to download on iOS and Android devices. Vivavideo is totally free so you can rip it off and start using it today. However you have to keep in mind that within the app you must pay to access certain functions.

To download Vivavideo on your devices you only have to follow a few steps. The process is very simple. You can find the app in the Play Store if you use Android or in the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. But to make it easier, at the end of this post you will find the shortcuts for the download on both servers.

After you've followed the shortcut and found yourself on the app page, click the install button next to it and then accept the permissions required by the app. The app will be downloaded immediately to your device and installed automatically. And that's it! This way you can download VivaVideo. Now you just have to open it and enjoy this tool.

How Vivavideo works

To use this app is very simple. Its interface is very nice and makes the user experience always the best. You do not need to be a professional editor to have a good result using VivaVideo.

When you start the app, the home screen will give you the option to record a video at the moment or export one you already have on your device. Then you can choose professional editing tools and effects, such as cropping, combining, music, filters, transitions, dubbing, slow / fast speed adjustment, text placement, background blur, stickers, FX effects and so much more.

You can combine as many effects as you want to get a video with a very professional touch. Once finish you can share your video with all your friends in your social networks. Vivavideo is ideal for making videos and uploading them to Instagram, Facebook and all your favorite social networks.

As an extra touch, in Vivavideo you can also edit photos, add filters, play with levels and more. Download VivaVideo today on your devices to start enjoying this amazing app.


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About Vivavideo
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