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Download VLC Player on your Android device to have an excellent player of all types of files on your Smartphone.

A few years ago, the file formats were losing validity; and in turn we did not know how we could visualize ourselves again in more modern players. That is why we began to see how our computers stopped having cassette inputs and added USB inputs.

VLC Media Player is an open source multiplatform media player that allows us to play almost all the formats of videos and audios that are currently most used. If in any case we have a damaged or corrupted file, this player will read it equally without problems. Download VLC Player now.

This is all that VLC Media Player brings for you

To start, among the types of files that this platform can support we have: MPEG, DivX, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, H.264 / AVC, FLV, MP3 and OGG, it also reads Blurays, DVD and VCD. If we need to handle subtitles of different formats this app supports them perfectly, as well as files that are extracted from CDs.

Inside the app we can have access to a streaming server. It also has a library for audios and videos and makes it easy to search within the folders. VLC Media Player is an incredible tool to play any file at any unforeseen time if we need it.

The customization option has been a striking feature of this app. The interface of the app seems simple but we can adjust it at any time. We recommend this app if you also want to maintain an order of your files in one place and to which you will have quick access.

When you save our audios in the app, it gives you the option to organize them. In the form of music, artist, album, song, genres and you can even make different playlists. If you want to equalize your audios, you have an endless number of options to customize them and that you achieve your goal with all the options.

When you download VLC Media Player you will not have to see annoying ads while using the app. You will not have added purchases, everything is free. This app brings you hundreds of tools that will surprise you and allow you to do various actions trying to give you the best experience.

How to download VLC Media Player

You can download VLC Player in Google Play for Android completely free. Use this tool if you work with different file formats and quickly convert and visualize that information without problems of any kind. Below we leave you the link to download VLC Media Player.

You can also watch movies using this app, thanks to its audio and sound support we can enjoy our cinematographic proposal at any time without any problems or errors. We recommend you download VLC Media Player and have a good time enjoying all these files that you did not have to see before.

Users use this app for the number of functions included, to change the format of our videos, capture or record what we see on the screen, download videos and many other things that are possible in one place in a simple way. Download VLC Player now.


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About VLC Media Player
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VLC Media Player



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David owino

Hi, i would be happy to use this app, i liked it most

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VLC Media Player

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