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There are apps that have been responsible for developing their educational part by joining the fun to make your proposal more striking. Voi is a very interesting puzzle. Download Voi right now.

The puzzle games that work logic in most of their cases are incredible titles; which aim to provide the player with a way to work creativity, imagination and intelligence in one place.

Voi is a logic game specifically that proposes us to assemble puzzles, organize pieces and create figures. If we have the famous Chinese Tangram, in this app we will have a virtual one to play.

You can download Voi and test yourself with various challenges that will make taking control of the game more complex.

Voi is one of the most interesting puzzles you can have on your Smartphone

We will start by commenting on how the Tangram works, and this is a 7 piece puzzle with different shapes that allow you to create infinite shapes. Voi works in the same way. You will have a series of black pieces that when combined will make you create blank spaces.

In this app we will have 88 levels to play; in each of them we can see a proposed figure and the pieces that we will need to get it done. It is important that we work or organize the two-color space since when joining two pieces it will become white.

As we go up the level, reaching the objectives will become much more complicated.

Voi is a simple and minimalist game, in our interface we will only enjoy the white background and the black color of each of the pieces. The touchscreen is what will let us drag each of the pieces with our fingers and discover the correct way to place them in the right place.

This game does not have a time limit; so you can relax and take what you want to solve each level. Besides being playing you will be working your brain like any other muscle in your body.

If at some level you feel you can’t move forward and you’re stuck, you can get help and you can try everything you want to get the exact position of your pieces. Download Voi and start playing now.

How to download Voi?

You can download Voi in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free.

Test your strategies to solve the puzzles and put your logic to work to level up more and work your brain. Below we leave the link to download Voi.

Voi does not have a movement limit or countdown; that is why you can try all the movements you want when placing your pieces.

This game poses a lot of challenges for us to keep busy finding the solution for as long as we need it.

Download Voi means you can play at any time from your mobile device without having to be connected to the internet; so we will no longer have an excuse to enjoy solving all the challenges we want.

We recommend this app to try different and innovative challenges that you will not usually find in other games. Download Voi right now.

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