Westland Survival

The wild west has always been a big thing in history or movies and they tend to be presented like dangerous times with guns and bars filled with bad men. If survival and fight games are your thing, then Westland Survival will be the perfect match for you.  Download Westland Survival to love this amazing experience. 

You have to go an adventure and complete some tasks to survive and learn everything there is in the zone. Build, hunt, go into business, learn how to fight and become the most powerful in the land.

How to play Westland Survival?

Once you start the game you will see a welcoming for you to the wild west where you have to settle down. Your character will begin with nothing because some outlaws stole everything you own. You can protect yourself with your own hands, but this is very basic and you will need more tools and weapons, like a basic knife. This will save your life.

While you’re going through this game you will have different elements at your disposition. From horses to coyotes. You can even face the coyotes and take an advantage using them as food or using their skin. This will help you to survive more time.

Besides saving your weapons and your food, you will have to be careful with your health, keeping your charater in good shape is necessary so it can have more strength to fight, work and survive in those hard rodes.

The game will give you some supplies such as food and water daily. You will also see an inventory of all the elements that you are collecting in your area and so you can be able to plan what you need to build. You will have to collect from stones, branches, ropes and plants that will be useful in the future. Also, when you face your enemies and get rid of them, you will have access to their belongings, add them to your inventory and use them when you need it.

In the upper right corner of your screen you can have access to the map with the nearest towns you can go to. Moving around the wild west map can be possible thanks to the horse. In each zone you will find some different characteristic, one of the best ones are the buffaloes, the graphics of the game will show you huge and strong animals.

In order to build that you will need a series of objects and the game will let you know the amount of elements you will need to do that, and what you need to do to be able to achieve it.

How to download Westland Survival

To download Westland Survival you just have to follow some simple steps. You can find this game in the Google Play Store or at the AppStore. In both platforms this game is free. Look for the app, tap on the download button, accept the terms and conditions and then wait a few minutes until is done.

Play Westland Survival and complete all the mission, become the best in the game. Find horses, build houses, find precious treasures and fight against your enemies. The game will soon add challenges against other cowboys and more missions, so you can’t miss it! Go to the link and download Westland Survival now.

Download Westland Survival and have a fun time discovering new zones in the map from the wild west. Become the best hunter and the strongest survivor. Use every element in your favor and make weapons so you can fight properly and win every assault.

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