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Liked WhatsApp Web? You can now use WhatsApp for PC on a brand new desktop app! Get all the details on how to download it here. Whatsapp is an amazing instant messaging app, and one of the top ones around the world. As we all know, this app allows you to send and receive instant text messages, images, videos, audio messages, phone calls and more, all completely free.

The latest version of Whatsapp has more security features, with its new encryption system, so you can be relaxed feeling that your information and conversations are secure.

If you ask me, WhatsApp is actually the best instant messaging app nowadays. And it’s available for all kinds of devices: iPhone, Android phone, Windows, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. Best of all, now WhatsApp for PC is also available, together with the app on your smartphone.

WhatsApp for PC or Mac

Whatsapp has launched a new service recently (like, 2 months ago recently), which is the WhatsApp desktop app. It allows you to have the app on your computer together with your mobile, so you can enjoy your conversation on the big screen. You can also do this with WhatsApp Web, but this is nice because it’s actually an app you install on your computer.

First of all, you need to have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone; you can download it directly on your Android device from our site. After downloading the app, you need to install and activate it. Just tap the icon on your screen to open, follow the instructions step by step.

You’ll need to provide your country, phone number, and set up your profile info. After that, WhatsApp will import the contact list from your phone and find the ones who already use WhatsApp, so you can easily start enjoying the app and get in touch with all your friends.[/blockquote]

Now, you need to download WhatsApp on your computer. The WhatsApp desktop app is available for Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.) and also for Mac OSX. It offers you all the features you enjoy on your smartphone, but on the big screen. You also have support for native desktop notifications, desktop keyboard shortcuts, and desktop mute settings.

Here’s the link to download WhatsApp desktop for your PC or Mac: https://www.whatsapp.com/download/

How to connect WhatsApp for PC

  1. After downloading the desktop app, launch and install it according to your installation wizard. After the installation is complete, you will see a QR code (the white square with all those tiny black squares inside).
  2. Now, go to your smartphone’s WhatsApp, settings and select “WhatsApp web”.
  3. The camera will turn on so that you can scan the QR code on your PC.
  4. Once you place the camera face to the screen, the cam will find the code and you’re done! Now both WhatsApp apps on your smartphone and computer are connected, and you can find all the conversation and enjoy WhatsApp features on both.

Beware of hackers! Do not hand your unlocked smartphone to anyone with a PC unless you trust them 100%. As you can see, it is extremely easy to connect WhatsApp for PC to your smartphone WhatsApp. Anyone with a laptop can scan the QR code on their PC with your unlocked smartphone within the blink of an eye, and have access to all your information and conversations! So pay attention, don’t be a victim.

More about WhatsApp desktop app

After having installed and connected the app on your desktop, you have the option “keep me signed in”. So if it’s your own PC, and it really is safe to stay signed in, just leave the box checked. Otherwise, don’t take the risk, then you will be signed off after a few minutes of inactivity.

Note that when the desktop app window is open, you will be seen as “online”, but if it was sent to the background, it will show you as “offline” after 30 seconds.

Video of WhatsApp for PC
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