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WhatsApp Plus

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WhatsApp Plus

Today, I’ll tell you about WhatsApp Plus, which has so many additions that make it even more interesting than the original app. It is not, however, an official WhatsApp product and you can’t get it in the Play Store. You’ll have to download the APK file yourself from a third party site like ours.

WhatsApp is the single most popular messenger app worldwide. It offers sending and receiving texts, images, videos, audio messages, and PDFs, in addition to the high quality audio calls. Best of all, these features are all free of charge.

But for some users, there are some features that are a little limited; for example, when sending a video, the size of the video file is limited. So long ones will have to be cut and you may lose the best part of them. Others don’t like being too “exposed”, and standard privacy settings do not allow being invisible, or changing the “tick” control! (Some of this has changed in the most recent versions of WhatsApp).

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with some changes in the UI and some additional functionalities. It still uses the same license and protocol as WhatsApp. When it was first launched, it was legal and was available at the Play Store. Sadly, not anymore.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Personally, I’ve noticed 3 main differences between the two apps.

  • First, WhatsApp Plus is more customizable. You can change the whole look of the app, color and size of the header, pop-up notifications, conversation screen, widgets, etc. WhatsApp Plus also has more than 2000 themes ready to use. Most of this is not available in the original app, although they have made improvements lately.
  • The second is that media sharing in Whatsapp Plus is customizable too. You can change the size limit of the files you send from 2 to 50 MB. Also, you can maintain the size and quality of images and videos. For example, you can send an image that is bigger in size without losing its quality, or send a long video without having to cut it short.
  • Third, using WhatsApp Plus will allow you to hide your online status and stay invisible, hide the last time of access, or fake your real last presence in WhatsApp and fix it to an old date. You can also control your “tick” settings. So people will see a single tick or two gray ticks on the messages they send you, even if you receive and read them.

If you have privacy concerns, the original WhatsApp could be better for you. WhatsApp Plus doesn’t have the same encryption system as the original app. So, your information and conversations won’t enjoy the same high level of protection.

Whatsapp Plus added more emoticons to the original app’s collection, including the ones from Google Hangouts. But unfortunately, these emoticons won’t be seen by an original WhatsApp user; only WhatsApp Plus users can see them.

How to install WhatsApp Plus

First of all, you will need to uninstall the original WhatsApp. There’s no need to root your Android device as many mistakenly believe.

But before uninstalling it, backup your chats so you won’t lose them. Then, you can download the WhatsApp Plus APK file from the download link in this post. While you wait, make sure you have “unknown sources” allowed on your Android. Once you are done downloading, tap the notification bar to go to the file, tap to install, then open the app by tapping its icon.

You will need to enter your country and mobile number to finish setting WhatsApp Plus, just like with the original. When they ask if you want to restore your chats, tap “Restore”, and bam! You’ve got a spiffy enhanced version of WhatsApp ready to go.

Video of WhatsApp Plus
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