It’s easy to download WhatsApp to your smartphone! You can download the world’s favorite messaging app right here, or find it in your device’s official market under “Top Apps”. For instructions on how to download WhatsApp, skip to the middle of this post.

In this fast-paced world, people try to use every practical tool in every aspect of life. And considering how much we’ve got on our plates, that’s completely understandable.

Technology is constantly improving day after day, helping people to do different tasks easily and more effectively. It makes business, communications, and delivering information easier than ever, and keeps different parts of the world connected to each other 24/7.

Messaging apps are one of those tools that makes our lives easier. The list of messenger services is incredibly long, but we can find the best of them at the top of it. WhatsApp is one of the best, and the one I personally prefer.

It’s the most popular and most used messaging app all around the world. In my case, I have family members and friends spread throughout almost every continent! The US, Argentina, the UK, Spain, Finland, South Africa, Australia, and even Dubai! So the only way to stay connected to each other is the net, and mostly using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp pioneered free international text messaging and voice calls. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still the way to go. I’ve been encouraging all of my friends in the US to download WhatsApp. It’s basically the only messaging app I use these days.

How to download WhatsApp

If you have “unknown sources” enabled on your device, you can download WhatsApp right from this post by tapping the “DOWNLOAD” button at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can visit the store that serves your device’s OS: App Store for iPhone, Play Store for Android, etc. Wait a little while for the file to download; if you used our download link, open the file and tap “INSTALL”. Once the installation is finished, tap the icon of the app to open and get started.

Note: WhatsApp requires a phone number and is only compatible with phones, not tablets. There are things you can try to get around this restriction, but they’re beyond the scope of this post.

If you need to download the app using the computer, that’s easy too. You can use our download button just like before. Or, for iPhone, open iTunes, go to the App Store, search for WhatsApp, and click “Download”. If you are using an Android phone, just visit the Play Store and follow the same steps. When the app is downloaded to your computer, you will need to connect your device to the computer. You can do this via USB cable, Bluetooth, or iCloud if you are using a Mac. Once the file is transferred, use your device’s File Manager app to locate it. Tap it to install, then open the app. Voila!

Get started with WhatsApp

Open the app, and you will find the welcome screen. It will ask you to enter your phone number. A verification code will be sent as an SMS text message to this number; copy and paste it in the verification code box. WhatsApp will automatically synchronize the device’s contact list and find all WhatsApp users in your phonebook. Convenient, right? You will have five main pages:

  • Favorites, where you’ll find your “favorited” WhatsApp users;
  • Calls, the recent voice calls you made using WhatsApp;
  • Contacts, all WhatsApp contacts;
  • Chats, where you’ll find all the conversations you have;
  • and Settings, where you manage your preferences and profile. You can set your profile picture and status, privacy settings, chat settings, notifications and other options.

Here’s an experiment for you: after you download WhatsApp, look at all the other WhatsApp users that are in your contact list. Dollars to donuts, most of them are frequent travelers or have family living internationally. That’s what I noticed, anyway – your mileage may vary.

Video of Whatsapp
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  1. heike domeier - Reply22 August, 2017

    ich habe mein whatsup weggedrückt und finde es nicht wieder

  2. Len - Reply19 October, 2016

    It is very convenient.