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Do you have a small business and want to take it to the next level with a website? As you know, when you’re just starting a new business, acquiring a domain and paying for the design of a web site can go a bit out of your budget. This is where applications like Wix come to be a super useful tool. Wix will allow you to create a small website from scratch easily and without investing any money, with pre-designed formats that will give it that professional touch you are looking for.

To create a Wix website you don't need any programming experience, but you will still get very attractive results. The app is designed in a fairly intuitive way, a multitude of designs and tools at hand and also very easy to use. The interface of the app was adapted to mobile phones to make it easier to create the elements that will appear on your website. You can also add different effects and transitions to it.

Wix gives you the possibility of having your website for free with a free hosting but with advertising. The domain would be in the format However, it also gives you the opportunity to pay for hosting to have your custom domain. Download Wix right now and start creating your own web page.

Control your visits and contact your customers

Wix allows you to monitor your visits by controlling website statistics and analysis, as the platform has its own SEO tools. Also, it allows your clients to follow your published posts, interact with them and share them. Add forms and surveys that allow you to receive their opinions and get in touch more easily. In this way you will have the possibility to grow your website more quickly.

Create your online store and receive payments

Through the Wix app you can create catalogs of your products and services that your customers can consult, see their prices and even buy directly from the web. You will have various tools to manage these orders, make the payment and receive them directly and without added commissions. You can also give some special offers and coupons to those most loyal customers and best buyers. You can also schedule personal appointments and manage them to give more attention to your clients.

Interact with your website visitors

From your website created in Wix, it will be very easy for you to create your online community. From the app you’ll be able to create chats with them, discussions or debates through opinion forums, manage events and send them invitations. You can also create groups on specific topics where they can join and give their thoughts and opinions.

If you are just starting with your website and want to be able to manage it wherever you are, the Wix app becomes a tool that you should not stop downloading, since you can easily but effectively manage all of its functions and not stop be in contact with your page visitors and potential customers. Currently, the app already has more than 1 million downloads only on Google Play.

How to download Wix?

You can create and manage your website using Wix on your computer or on a mobile device. We recommend you download Wix on your smartphone so you can have access to your website settings at any moment. This app is available con the Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS. You will find the links to download this app at the end of this post.

Although downloading Wix is free, you must pay to create your website; you can consult the plans and prices on This app is definitely a great option for those who need to create a website easily and fast. Start using Wix right now.


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