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Are you having problems with math? Do you want to know particular information? With WolframAlpha you can solve all your doubts. This app available for iOS and Android works as a kind of information bank. Here you can find answers to almost all the doubts on a great amount of subjects. Here’s how this app works and how to download WolframAlpha.

Do you remember the Stark Trek machine that contained information to answer everything? The intention of this app is to do the same as the machine. This app is a database with more than 25 years of accumulated knowledge that will help you to solve and visualize any doubts that you have in different subjects. If you want to know how to download WolframAlpha on Android and iOs, continue reading this post.

How to download WolframAlpha on Android and iOs

The process to download WolframAlpha is very simple. This app is available for download and install on Adroid and iOs devices. You can get the app by going to both app stores. But to simplify the download process we have left the shortcuts of both OS at the end of this post. Just follow the shortcut on your device and click ‘install’ to begin the download.

The WolframAlpha app is not heavy so it will install quickly on your device. As we are talking about a very powerful and functional mobile app, this is a paid app. To be able to download WolframAlpha on both Android and iOS, you will have to pay a little over $ 2.

However, paying to have this app is worth it. By having WolframAlpha on your Smartphone you can find 100% certain information about everything in the easiest way. You only have to pay for the installation to access all the services offered by this interesting app.


How WolframAlpha Works

This app is a knowledge conglomerate, so you can find answer or data for any topic. It is something like a search engine, but it does not refer you to any external page, but you can find everything in WolframAlpha.

There is one major difference between a common browser and WolframAlpha. This is that, although you can find a lot of information in a search engine that refers you to external pages, you can’t be totally sure that the information is true. However, with WolframAlpha, appart from having all the information on one site, you can be absolutely sure that the data is real.

Here you can find information about math, statistics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, education, nutrition, materials, engineering, earth science, biology, computing, units of measurement, climate, geography, history, music, economics, socioeconomic data, health, medicine, technology, information organizations and much more.

Basically this app has it all, and for any question you have or any doubt, you only have to enter the search and you will find the answer. Download WolframAlpha is the secure solution for all those who are constantly looking for all kinds of information. It is ideal for high school and college students, or just for those thirsty for information.

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