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Working in a freelance way is the dream job for many. Achieving what you like from the comfort of your home is the goal. Being able to choose your own schedule, place of work and organize your personal and work life is something that you can obtain with this type of work a little more flexible. If you want all this you must download Workana.

Workana is an app that has functions in which you will get a series of projects or job offers published weekly; and you can apply following a system of positions.

Workana is a perfect app to work as a freelancer

When you download this app, the first thing you should do is register on your platform; to be able to create your profile and thus manage to edit and share all your professional information that you want to share in order to classify certain jobs.

By doing this you will be teaching your experience and it will be easier to get something in your area. It is good to remember that this app is much wider than a cv.

If you manage to expand your information you will be winning, since the profile shown here should be a bit more dynamic than usual. You must highlight your experience and knowledge in your area in a more specific way.

If you attach your portfolio accounts with an extra point, as the person who hires you can see your previous work and know your style.

As we mentioned earlier, Workana works with a system of positions and points for its users; this makes them work to maintain their optimized profile you can get more projects. This in turn will make you generate more points, level up and so on.

The positions start at the Iron level, all the new Workana users start there. The goal is to achieve the hero position; that is the maximum in the platform and is the one that generates more confidence and gains to customers.

Another incredible option when downloading this app is that you can validate your knowledge by taking a series of tests you can do at any time. These tests make potential clients validate that you actually drive or have those skills you say you have.

In this app you will have the possibility to inform about your rates for work; so it is good to value our work. But take into account that at the beginning the important thing is to be able to get the most jobs to level up and position ourselves at higher levels.

How to download Workana?

You can download Workana on Google Play for Android for free. Get a job according to what you have studied or what you like in the simplest and most comfortable way possible. Below we leave the link to download Workana.

In Workana you will have a series of plans to use the service. On the platform they have a free plan, plus plan and premium plan.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to the number of proposals you can send, the number of job categories in your profile and the commission that the app gets.

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