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Learn to play different instruments with Yousician; an app designed by Yousician Ltd for beginning musicians and a little more advanced. Receive lessons on the instrument you want at the time and time you want. You play your favorite songs on piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. Start your musical adventure with this digital teacher and download Yousician.

Take advantage of this app compatible with acoustic and electric instruments so that you can perfect your technique. Have fun with all the missions and exercises and witness progress with this amazing app.

Join this great community that keeps growing every day and become the best musician.

Yousician teaches you music in the easiest way

Learn while having fun, receive instant feedback and appreciate your progress as you run the tutorials. This app gives you comments after listening to you play your instrument, improves your accuracy and coordination.

You can also develop skills such as reading scores, chords, strumming, melodies, music theory and more. Complete the 1500 missions and the hundreds of exercises that Yousician offers.

With Yousician you can not only measure your level with the app; it also has a weekly challenge where you can participate and compete against other users in the world.

When entering the app you will have to tune your instrument so that it can recognize it. You can practice at the level as many times as necessary and you can even adjust the speed to review that part with which you have problems.

Follow the progress bar and discover how advanced you are in your song. Download Yousician and discover a learning app that uses color and shapes to teach how to play an instrument. Learn to play with your favorite songs and bands, get ready for each challenge and move at the pace you want.

One of the best benefits when you download Yousician is that you have the possibility to write your own song. Download Yousician and go from being an apprentice with your instrument to an expert who composes his own music.

Take full advantage of this app and learn in the most fun and interactive way you will find. It is your opportunity to take those guitar lessons you always wanted but anywhere and from your mobile device.

If you are a little more advanced, you can do the leveling test at the beginning and you will skip the levels you do not need. Improve with each lesson and demonstrate everything you know when you face other users.

How to download Yousician?

You can download Yousician on your iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play app stores respectively. Downloading this app is free but first you must make sure your device is compatible.

Yousician has standard and premium subscriptions, prices vary depending on the country where you are. But do not worry, it also offers you a free trial month. Become the best musician and be a teacher in your instrument. Download Yousician and play while you learn.

This app is suitable for all audiences and has a very good score in the app stores.


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