Download Youtube will make your mobile device an excellent way to watch all the videos you want. Youtube is the most famous page to watch videos of the world. It is estimated that every minute that passes more than 400 hours of video are upload in this amazing social network. In addition to this, it is an excellent way to keep abreast of the news of the world, learn new things and discover curiosities. The Youtube mobile app is available for Android and iOs.

Accessing Youtube from a mobile device has become the best way to use this service. The screens of our phones or tablets are excellent for watching videos in HD quality anywhere we want.

How to download Youtube?

On most Android and iOs mobile devices the Youtube app is automatically downloaded among default apps. But in case your phone doesn’t have it, or you have deleted it by mistake, you can download Youtube very easily.

For the installation you only need to look for the app in the corresponding app store of your SO; the Play Store for Android and Apple Store if you have iPhone or iPad. But to make it easier we let you the direct access to download Youtube in both app stores. Just follow the link from your mobile device and proceed to perform the installation.

Once you have downloaded the app you must log in to start using it. You will only need a Google account, with this user and password you will be able to access Youtube from any device.

New things about the Youtube app

Download Youtube will make you live much better the experience of the service offered by this page, since you can receive notifications every time one of the channels you have subscribed upload a video. This will have you more in touch with your favorite Youtube channels, interact more on this social network and make it easier the way you watch all the videos.

Also with the latest update of the Youtube app were integrated really good and useful options. One of these is the possibility of recording a video with the same mobile device and automatically upload it to your channel. As we know, for doing this we should go to the website and do the process of uploading the videos, which was very tedious. Now you can upload any video you automatically record or upload one you have in your gallery to your channel.

If you use Youtube to upload videos more than to watch them, there are also many good tools in the mobile version. Among them you can receive in real time the comments that people leave in your videos, review the visits, likes and you will be notified whenever you have a new subscriber.

And as a useful tool to download Youtube, you’ll have an excellent list of recommendations customized according to your interests within the app and the interests and search records of your Google account. So if you still do not have YouTube on your phone or Tablet, do not waste any more time and download it now.

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