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Finding a good restaurant can sometimes become tedious. Maybe you're tired of going to the same places but you do not want to risk having a bad meal. To find and discover new restaurants this is the right app for you. Zomato was designed by and for food lovers. If you are one of them you should definitely have it. In this post we will show you how it works and how you can download Zomato.

Zomato is a social restaurant search engine that allows you to explore all the options to go out to eat in your city. This app has a fabulous service that will allow you to use your current location and recommend the best restaurants and food places. If you want to have the information of millions of restaurants you should only download Zomato. This way you can read and write comments of the restaurants you visit, as well as receive recommendations.

How does Zomato works                        

As of today, Zomato has mapped 1.4 million restaurants in 22 countries. All qualifications are made by real people. They must fill out a credible profile so that their comments are published. In this way they can go up in category. And they not only qualify the food, but also the atmosphere and the service. The App also uses geolocation to recommend places that are nearby.

One of the characteristics of Zomato is its constant updating of the information of the premises, made every 90 days. The staff of Zomato walks continuously to confirm the information and add other tips. It is updated if the restaurant has Wi-Fi or if it makes home deliveries.

Another advantage of downloading Zomato is that you can search for restaurants according to the origin of the food (Italian, Japanese, Turkish). You can also search them by first date, tea with friends, express breakfast. There are search filters and an extensive library of restaurants for this. You can look through updated menus, photos, and user comments to decide where you want to eat. You can also use the map function to guide you there.

Another advantage for users is that they can even create their own foodies networks. For restaurants it is that they can request the administration of their pages for free, and thus interact with the comments and photos of the users.

If you love restaurants, download Zomato will make everything simpler. You can keep a list for easy reference of your favorites using Quick Dial, build a List of places you want to visit, and keep a record of the places you have visited in the "Visited Place" list.

How to download Zomato

Finding new places to eat is very easy; you just need to download Zomato. This app is free and you can find it for your Smartphone or tablet in App Store or Google Play. At the end of this post we will leave the links so you can download it. You need to have an internet connection. It also requires GPS activation to find new places.

Do not let your next meal be a disappointment. Start using Zomato now and find the best restaurants in your city.


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