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About the app

It is a game where players have to take care of different animals from the zoo. It offers a fun theme, which can be used by both children and adults. It has a beautiful design, as well as being fun and quite entertaining. To download Zoo Happy Animals, keep reading this article and we will explain to you everything you need to know.

How do I download Zoo Happy Animals?

It is very easy to download, you just have to go to the App Store on iOS devices or Play Store on Android, search for the application and select or click on the download button. Then, accept the terms and permissions and wait until it is installed.
In case you want to download Zoo Happy Animals immediately, at the end of the post you will find a link to have a direct download. This link will redirect you to the app store for your device.

Most Relevant Features of Zoo Happy Animals

Zoo Happy Animals is developed as follows: in the game we will go through different cages, each one with an animal that we must take care of. Some will be easier to treat, while others may end up biting off an arm or even eating us whole. The first cage you will come across is the crocodile, it is a bit grumpy when it is hungry, so you should put a piece of meat in its mouth. However, it is important to remove your hand quickly, because otherwise it may end up eating your arm! Ah, but don't remove your arm too early either, because that will make the crocodile angry.

Later, you are going to meet an elephant, your mission is to bathe it and leave it totally clean, but being so playful, this task can be difficult. Then, you must approach where the hippopotamus is, there you must make sure that it eats all the watermelons that you send.

Our comments on Zoo Happy Animals

This application is excellent for a boring day in which you want to distract your mind and get out of the ordinary. It is very fun and makes you feel adrenaline when taking care of each animal in the zoo. The best thing is that you can share this time of entertainment with your family, and even more with kids.

The diversity of mini games that it brings completely changes a monotonous day and makes it very addictive, here predators and prey get along super well, so it is super funny.
In addition, the amount of ads is low, something that we don’t find very often in games. It is very good with complex and beautiful animations, as well as very good quality. Animal lovers will enjoy this game since they can interact with them and take care of them in a virtual and fun way, it is as if you were a zoo worker.


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Zoo Happy Animals

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