Download Bandcamp

Being a musician can be hard. Entering on the music industry and making yourself known tends to be terribly difficult; even if you have the talent to do it. If this is your case, there are apps designed for you, such as Bandcamp. It is an online music sales platform that gives you the option […]

Download Fitbit

If you like physical activity, having a fitness life and maintaining good eating habits, this app is the right for you. This app will make your fitness routine much easier. Fitbit is an app that will allow you to keep a complete record of all your physical activity; as well as your eating habits, and […]

Download Bitmoji

If you are creative and want to create fun images without much effort Bitmoji is the app for you. This fun app will allow you to create a funny avatar in of ourselves. Once created, you can put your character in dozens of fun situations, change clothes every time you want, create memes with you […]

Download Slack

Communicating between workers of the same company is much easier with this app. Slack is a private messaging network designed for the workers of the same company can share information with each other privately as if it were a conventional social network. This group chat has a very simple interface and a using mode similar […]

Download Bumble

If you are someone who is looking for a different way to meet new people, but it’s hard for you to take the first step, this app is the one for you. Bumble is an app to meet new people. And it does not matter if you are looking for love or simply friendship. There […]

Download Twitch

Twitch is an app with the same name as its web service. It allows us to broadcast our own video streams playing video games, watch the streaming of other users, interact with them and talk with other players. With Twitch we can see live videos and even recorded them of the most popular video games, […]

Download LinkedIn

Finding your ideal job has become easier and easier with all the new online methods. LinkedIn is a social network. Is also called Enterprise Network, since it is oriented to companies, businesses and employment. Here we show you how to use this app and how to download Linkedin. This app allows each user to freely […]