How to Uninstall Applications on Android

It is very easy to delete applications on an Android device. This is usually done when we get bored of one application or simply want to install another. Also, it happens that our Android device fills its memory and we do not have enough space to install new apps.

That is why we will explain step by step how to uninstall applications on Android, or even teach you some other trick that has to do with the deactivation of certain apps so that you can also make space on your device.

Easiest way to uninstall apps

The first thing you need to do in order to uninstall is choosing the application that you want to remove. We simply go to our menu on Android and look for the app that we want to get rid of, tap on the app for about 5 seconds and then choose the option to uninstall.

There is also another way that is going to the Android application manager and go to the “Downloads” tab. There you will see all the apps you have downloaded, search among them all the one you want to delete and once you have it located only you must tap on it to show you its options and then click on the word “Uninstall”.

Uninstall applications that came with your Android

There is a particular case in which the app is integrated to the system, and therefore you cannot uninstall it. In that case you should follow the instructions mentioned above, but instead of the word “Uninstall” you will see the option of “deactivate”. When we select this, the app won’t be removed, but it will stop working. This is a very practical function if you want to save battery, for example.

Take notes to uninstall apps

In the case of system applications, nothing can be done except to deactivate them. They are precisely protected so that they cannot be deleted, but user applications can easily be removed without any problem.

There is another very common method and it can be said that it is the simplest of all. However, this works on most Android devices, but it may happen differently depending on the brand or model of your smartphone or tablet.

What we need to do is dragging any application you want to remove from the apps menu by taking it to the top of the screen. Once you do this you must enable a menu with the options of “Remove application” and “Add shortcut”. In this case you must select the one to delete the app. This option sometimes only works with direct apps in the app drawer and on other devices it is also available with dragging the desktop shortcut.

There is also the possibility to uninstall directly from the Android App Store. For this you just have to follow a very simple process; when you enter Google Play, it displays its side menu and enters the option of “My applications and games”, in the “installed” tab you will see all your applications. When you enter its options you will see the word “uninstall”, then you just have to tap that option to delete any app.

In case that you are one of those who install many applications or games that you end up not using, but never delete them by laziness of removing them one at a time, it is best that you use a special application to delete applications where you can Select multiple applications and delete them all at once.

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