Uninstall Applications on iPhone and iPad

Surely you have ever checked on your iPhone and found documents, images or videos that are so old that you had already forgotten them. This also happens with applications all the time. We forget how many apps we have downloaded because we have so much storage space, and we end up having a lot of apps we don’t use or we don’t need anymore.

In fact, with so many applications installed we could reach a collapsing device. That is why there is nothing better than knowing the different ways in which you can uninstall the applications of your iOS device permanently and avoid the consumption of unnecessary storage space, as well as annoying updates. This is why we present the simplest ways to delete apps you don’t need anymore.

Easiest way to uninstall apps

One of the most common processes of removing those applications is to locate the app, tap on the icon for approximately 5 seconds until the icons start to shake and then tap on the “X” option. And so it will be eliminated in a simple and easy way.

There is a more advanced function from iOS 11 which can help you modify the storage space by deleting the applications that are installed and then forgotten or stopped using, which classify in the category of “uninstall unused applications”. This option is disabled by default, but it can be activated in two ways.

In the first method you must open “Settings”, then “General”, then enter to “iPhone Storage” and click on the option “Unused memory applications” to finally press on activate. In the second method after entering the “iTunes Store and App Store” location settings where you will find the “Uninstall unused applications” function and you can continue to activate.

From the device settings you can also remove the applications manually. You just have to go to the settings in the “General” tab and then tap in “iPhone Storage” where the list of installed applications will be. Once there you can select the application you want to delete and click on “deactivate application” to free up the storage space, but save the data and documents of this, or click on “Remove application” to finally forget about it.

Take notes to uninstall apps

Now, if you share your iPad or iPhone has with other people or with your children, you need to have even greater control over your applications. Just as you can control whether applications are manually deleted or not, you can also prevent someone from uninstalling the apps from your mobile device.

The restrictions of “Screen Time” in iOS 12 and 13 offer you the easiest way to control the applications that can’t be removed and those that can go. To activate this function you just have to go to the settings and open “Screen Time”. Tap on “content and privacy restrictions” and by tapping on “iTunes and App Store purchases” enter the application modifications and follow the arrow to the next screen where you can click on “Do not allow”. With this control activated, nobody can uninstall your applications unless you disable that restriction.

If what you want is to hide some of the applications that are installed by default you can also do it, and for this the process is similar to deleting any application installed by the user, with the difference that this will not disappear completely from your device since, although there is no visible sea it remains hidden and its files are not deleted at all. This is one of the most common options if what we want is to save storage space.

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